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I'm a Freelance 3D Artist curently working in collaboration with Turbosquid. My main interest and also my passion consists in creating realistic and cartoon human characters and animals, but i'm opened to any kind of 3D related projects.
The advange of working with me is that you can have all you need for your project (modeling, texturing, rigging, etc.) done with only one person, clean work in short time.
In my portfolio you can check out some of my CG work and 3D printable models.


All my models are created in 3ds max, detailed in zbrush, textured in photoshop and rendered in 3ds max. Most of my models are symmetrical, have clean edge loops, clean geometry and resonable polygon count. I used high quality maps (diffuse,bump, displacement, normal, specular, opacity, etc.) of 4096x4096 or 6000x6000. Some of them are rigged using max bones/cat bones and skin.

Softwares i use:
1. 3DS Max - my main software (intermediate level)
2. Photoshop (intermediate level)
3. Zbrush (intermediate level)

1. Vray
2. Mental Ray

Skills in:
- Modeling (high and low poly)
- Sculpting
- Unwraping
- Texturing
- Rendering
- Rigging
- Facial expressions (morphs)
- Realistic fur/hair
- 3D Printing Services

3D Services for Hire

As a freelance 3D artist, I’m available for hiring work at very good rates and with fast and quality results. I am able to create a 3D model from scratch and get it ready for animation to be used in movies, commercials or games. I also have experience with creation and optimization for 3D Printing. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have a 3D project.

I can be contacted by email:

or by skype: Ariana3DArt

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